Stories of Hope



Everyone deserves a safe and happy life free from abuse and fear. SARC provides the services to our community to assist in this mission. Below you’ll read stories from clients who have released themselves from abuse and fear with our help and support. We would love to hear your story, too!


“This year has been really rough for me and my kids. Having extra help has made me have hope that the world has still kind people in it. COVID has been really hard but knowing that SARC was always there for me and helping me to cope made things a little easier. Knowing that I had help and support even though everything else was changing was very comforting to me and my family. ”
Clinical & Residential Client
Tom came to SARC seeking shelter from an abusive wife. Once he was safe, he met with someone from our legal department to help him obtain information about the custody of his child. He obtained this information and was given resources and referrals for out-of-state relocation. He relocated quickly to be with family and friends who supported him, the end of the abusive relationship, and healthy goals for himself and his child.
Clinical & Legal Client
“I don’t know where I would be without SARC. Thank you so much.”
Counseling Client
“Thank you for believing in me and knowing I was strong enough”. 
Counseling Client
“Knowing that I had a safe place to go and a safe place to get help was the first step on my journey. When I first left my husband I was scared of the future and didn’t know where to turn. SARC was able to provide me with counseling and advocates who helped me find resources and options that worked best for me and my family. I never felt judged only supported. I know I can move forward with my life and be safe and always turn to the advocates for help if I need it.” 
Clinical Client
 “I am so grateful for the help that I got once I came to SARC. The advocate helped me understand all of my options but also gave me the tools to make the best decision for me and my kids. Counseling has been very helpful for me and for learning to understand my value. My attorney explained everything to me that was happening and advocated for my rights and what was important to me.” 
Legal & Clinical Client

your story can help save lives.

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