Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Frequently Asked Questions

Your support whether walker, spectator or contributor, is appreciated.

Q: When and where is SARC’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®?
A: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® will be held on Saturday April 27, 2019. Festivities begin at 9:30am in the parking lot alongside the Black Eyed Suzies Restaurant, 119 South Main St, Bel Air, MD 21014. The walk “steps off” at 11am sharp.

Q: Do I have to wear high heels?
A: No. Wearing high heels is optional; supporting the event is most important.

Q: Can only men walk?
A: No! April is Sexual Assault Awareness month; it’s an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that one in two women and one in five men experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetimes. The whole purpose of this event is to raise public awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault and to educate everyone in the community. Since sexual violence knows no boundaries and crosses all demographics, everyone needs education for true societal change to occur. Everyone needs to learn how to speak up to prevent violence. Everyone can promote behavioral changes by speaking out against lewd and degrading remarks, street harassment and sexist comments. These behaviors, sustained over time, can create a society free from abuse and violence.

Q: What does it cost to participate in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes?
A: Registration is $25, $5 for students. Registration includes an event t-shirt and a swag bag for those that register before April 19th. Please note: Heels in men’s sizes are available for use while supplies last. Registration fees are not tax deductible, per IRS, because of the value of the items received and your access to the event’s festival. 

Q: Do I have to register before the event?
A: No. While SARC would prefer you register early, encourage your family, friends and colleagues to walk with you and/or donate towards your walk, you can register at the event. Registrations after April 19th are not guaranteed a t-shirt and swag bag.

Q: How do I register for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes as an individual?
A: Registrations are completed online through SARC’s website. You can also click here to register.

Q: Can teams enter? 
A: Absolutely!  You must register as an individual first and then you will be prompted to join or create a team. The person who creates the team is the team captain and can then invite others to register and join the team. Please note that team names cannot be changed once they are created so please take care in creating your team name.

Q: I can’t be at the walk but I want to support the cause. How do I make a contribution?
A: Donations can be charged on the event website or checks can be mailed to SARC in care of Walk-a-Mile, SARC, P.O. Box 1207, Bel Air, MD 21014. If you want your donation to count for a particular walker or team, be sure to designate the walker/team name.

Q: Do I have to raise additional funds to participate? 
A: No – but we ask that every participant consider raising funds for SARC as part of the event. Asking your friends, family members and coworkers for support, exponentially increases SARC’s fundraising capabilities … but you don’t have to. You will have the opportunity to decline fundraising. If you change your mind later and wish to raise funds, we can easily activate a fundraising page for you.

Q: I want to raise funds for SARC, how do I go about it?
A: Individuals and teams participating in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes will be able to take advantage of personal fundraising pages to raise funds for SARC. When registering, you will be offered the opportunity to fundraise, just select that option. You will get credit for donations made on your behalf and people who donate via your fundraising page receive an immediate receipt for their donation.

Q: What are some fun and easy ideas to help increase fundraising?
A: We’re so glad you asked!!

  1. First and foremost—Personalize your online fundraising page. Add your picture. Tell your story. Why are you walking? Why is this important to you?
  2. Use your social media and Post, Post, Post! Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat. Whatever! Don’t just post once and wait. Post every day for a week at different times of the day. Take a few days off then post again for several days. Not everyone looks at their social media accounts at the same time. Use the hash tag #WAM2019 to get people talking!  
  3. Write one concise yet poignant email and send it, individually, to everyone in your address book. Tell them why you’re walking. Tell them why you’re man (or woman!) enough to Walk A Mile in Her Shoes®. You can include facts about SARC (see below on how funds raise support the work SARC does) or a personal story or a picture of you in your heels, AND your fundraising page link. The more people you ask, the more donations you will receive.

And there’s always some tried-and-true fundraising methods like:

  1. Gather your co-workers to take part in Fun Friday! To participate, co-workers make a donation (say $5) towards your individual or team goal and get to wear their favorite team jersey, or jeans, or a crazy hat, or pajamas….
  2. Talk to your favorite restaurant to see if they can give a percentage back on a given night sales and then advertise what you’re doing on social media and get tons of your closest friends, families and co-workers to stop by for dinner!
  3. Clean out your garage or attic and donate the proceeds to your fundraising.

 Q: I don’t want my friends, family members and colleagues receiving a bunch of emails because I shared their contact information – how do I protect their information?
A: You are contacting your own friends, family members and colleagues with regards to fundraising. They can choose to support you anonymously or by providing their contact information. If they provide contact information, SARC will send them an acknowledgement for their donation that they can use for tax purposes.

Q: What if a friend or family member wants to donate but doesn’t have access to the internet? 
A: Donations of your behalf can be mailed to SARC in care of Walk-a-Mile, SARC, P.O. Box 1207, Bel Air, MD 21014. The donation should indicate it is for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® and include your name as the walker so that it can be credited to your fundraising total.

Q: My business or organization may be interested in sponsoring the event. How do I get sponsorship information? 
A: Corporate and Organizational Sponsorship levels and benefit information can be found on the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes page of SARC’s website. Please contact SARC’s Volunteer & Events Coordinator at 410-836-8431 or email kluchey@sarc-maryland.org to discuss.

Q: How are the funds raised at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes used?
A: SARC’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event is one of four annual fundraising events that support SARC’s operating costs. Costs incurred by providing free clinical counseling, free legal representation, free safe housing, free crisis intervention, free 24-hour Helpline 365 days a year, free companion services for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, and free outreach and education services for all residents of Harford County.

Q: Do I have to provide my own shoes? 
A: Heels in men’s sizes are available for use while supplies last. Please note that you may want to go up a half size or full size from your normal shoe size since women’s heels tend to have a more narrow toe box than men’s dress shoes. Come early to choose your favorite.

Q: When do I pick up my shoes? 
A: Shoes will be available for pick up the morning of the event beginning at 9:30 and can be returned at the end of the event.

Q: What if I can’t find shoes that fit?
A: If we can’t find high heels that fit, or if you have physical issues that prevent you from wearing heels, you can wear regular shoes or, ahead of time, decorate an old pair of gym shoes with pastel colors or flowers or as you see fit.

Q: If I bring my own shoes, is the registration fee lower? 
A: No. The registration fee is $25 regardless.

Q: Do I really have to walk a mile?
A: The course route is approximately one mile but we realize not everyone will be able to complete the entire distance. We ask that every participant give it their best shot but that you not risk injury.

Q: Will there be awards? 
A: Yes! We will give awards in a variety of categories which may include team with the most members, the highest fundraiser, the best team name, the best shoes, etc.

Q: Can I watch?
A: Sure. Spectators are welcome and encouraged.

Q: How can I donate high-heeled shoes to your event?
A: We’re always looking for shoes to add to our inventory. Larger (“gunboat”) sizes are especially prized. Donations are accepted at SARC’s Administrative offices. Please call 410-836-8431

Q: Can I volunteer to help?
A: Yes! Please contact Kelsey Luchey, Volunteer & Events Coordinator, at kluchey@sarc-maryland.org or 410-836-8431. Your help is appreciated.

Q: Will there be parking?
A: Yes. Parking is available in the public parking lot next to Black Eyed Suzie’s, 119 South Main St, Bel Air, MD.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the walk?
A: Any questions regarding this walk can be directed to Kelsey Luchey, Volunteer & Events Coordinator at kluchey@sarc-maryland.org or 410-836-8431.